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Accessibility 101

Training opportunities and other accessibility resources are available on campus. Take  a look at the information below to see how you might broaden your skills, knowledge, and expertise by earning a micro-certification badge in web content accessibility. Also included below is information about the Access Technology Resource Guide and Lexicon for Accessible Content

Micro-Certification Badge in Accessibility

Boise State takes a major step towards inclusive web content with a new professional development opportunity: a Micro-Certification Badge in Web Content Accessibility. Starting on March 20, all eligible Boise State employees can enroll in a free, online course leading to the badge. The course was designed and developed by Carolyn Quintero and Tammy Schmidt in the Office of Information Technology to document, assess, and validate accessible web-design skills using industry and disciplinary defined standards for Boise State’s WordPress site administrator staff in a flexible online format. Anyone responsible for a WordPress website or responsible for creating web content is encouraged to enroll and complete the course.

Why An Online Course?

""Since 2016, Boise State has made concerted efforts to ensure that all web content published on our public-facing sites are accessible for all users.  However, with over 42,000 individual web pages, 57,000 image and media files, and 217,000 hyperlinks, this is no small task.

In collaboration with Communications and Marketing, the Office of Information Technology has hosted a series of in-person workshops on the topic of web accessibility.  However, not all staff and faculty are able to attend in-person workshops. For this reason, this new professional development opportunity has been developed.

More Information

For details about the badge, course content, and enrolling, please see Web Content Accessibility Micro-Certification Badge.

Course Developers and Facilitators

Carolyn Quintero, M.A., is a Web Accessibility Analyst in the Office of Information Technology with nearly a decade of experience in online education, student support, and technical communication. Tammy Schmidt, M.S., is an Accessibility and Training Coordinator in the Office of Information Technology with over 25 years experience in instructional design and training.

Access Technology Resource Guide

From the classroom to our websites, Boise State University is committed to supporting a campus environment that is accessible to all, and accessible in particular to individuals with disabilities. Developed by Boise State’s Office of Information Technology, the “Access Technology Resource Guide” provides an overview of all of the campus resources available to create, publish, and share accessible content for students, faculty, staff, and the community.

Campus resources are listed in the following categories

  • creating accessible web pages
  • academic accommodations for students
  • evaluating the accessibility of documents or websites
  • pedagogical aspects of accessibility and universal design for learning
  • using 3D printing as assistive technology
  • captioning and transcribing video
  • captioning standards and practices
  • teaching and learning technology tools at Boise State

Lexicon for Accessible Content

Developed by the Accessible Content Community of Practice, this Lexicon for Accessible Content provides a common language for everyone to use at Boise State when discussing content related to accessibility.