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Resources for Faculty

Campus Resources

Educational Access Center (Formerly “Disability Resource Center”)

  • The Educational Access Center (EAC) ensures that students with disabilities have equitable access to their education. The EAC works with students who have self identified as having a disability to identify and remove educational and programmatic barriers. Barriers and solutions are determined on a case-by-case basis through interactive discussions with the student. Documentation of a disability might be required to clarify the students’ needs. The EAC also supports faculty in identifying barriers and implementing accommodations to create an accessible learning environment.

Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics

  • Boise State University is committed to conducting its affairs ethically and in compliance with governing laws, regulations and policies. In accordance with the Idaho State Board of Education’s Governing Policies & Procedures Section V.Y., the Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics is responsible for coordinating compliance oversight, monitoring, and reporting at the institutional level. Although Institutional Compliance and Ethics coordinates compliance efforts campus-wide, departments and individuals with compliance responsibilities are subject-matter experts in their respective areas and should continue to be your first contact for specific compliance questions. You will find a list of responsible individuals and departments by compliance function here.

Instructional Design and Educational Assessment (IDEA Shop)

  • An organizational unit within the Center for Teaching and Learning, Instructional Design and Educational Assessment (IDEA Shop) provides consultations, training, faculty development opportunities, and programs addressing effective strategies for teaching, learning, and assessment. It also sponsors and facilitates the Faculty Learning Community for Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning. The IDEA Shop’s instructional design consultants serve as liaisons to academic departments, assisting them with identifying and meeting the needs of faculty and students using technology to teach and learn. In addition, the IDEA Shop houses the Online Testing Center. The IDEA Shop works closely with Learning Technology Solutions (LTS), a unit housed in the Office of Information Technology that provides coordination, management, and advanced technical support for instructional technologies such as Blackboard, screen capture, and student response systems (“clickers”). Together, the IDEA Shop and LTS seek to enhance the faculty and student experience in engaging with instructional technologies.

Center for Teaching and Learning

  • The mission of the Center for Teaching and Learning is to support, promote, and enhance teaching effectiveness and to facilitate engagement in student learning. The Center is the umbrella agency for two additional campus units: Service-Learning and Instructional Design and Educational Assessment (IDEA Shop).

Campus Operations and General Counsel

  • Boise State’s Campus Operations and General Counsel division is dedicated to meeting the needs of students while providing a quality campus experience. A division focused on the future, Campus Operations’ mission is to provide a constructive, memorable, and safe environment where students can pursue their educational goals. As the university’s attorney, the Vice-President for Campus Operations and General Counsel is identified as a responsible party in Boise State University Policy 1060, Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy.


  • Health Services supports the educational mission of Boise State University by providing convenient, accessible and high quality health care to the campus community. They strive to provide a wide range of comprehensive and integrated services to students, faculty and staff on campus.


  • The Advising and Academic Enhancement team works to ensure high quality academic advising for all students. Our office coordinates academic support to students through tutoring services, skill building workshops, and academic success courses.


  • Multicultural Student Services works to raise awareness, conduct training, develop workshops and create programming that will address issues for both dominant and non-dominant groups. As a Predominantly White Institution (PWI), Boise State University is an institution where dominant culture students can explore their role in diversity issues, while non-dominant culture students can find their voice in validation. Multicultural Student Services serve as a resource for all students of Boise State University.

Community Resources