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Quick-Start Guide to Requesting Accommodation

Requesting accommodation begins with a visit to the Boise State Educational Access Center (EAC), either in person or online. Much of the process takes place through the EAC Access Portal. For a quick overview of the process, see the sections below.

New EAC Student?

If you have never before requested accommodation through the EAC, you’ll first need to complete a Request for Services Form. You’ll need to obtain documentation of your disability. After doing so, schedule an appointment with one of the EAC educational coordinators, who will review your request for accommodation and your documentation. For more information about this process, see the New Student page on the EAC web site.

Returning EAC Student?

If you’ve requested accommodation through the EAC before, you must request accommodation each semester, for each class you are taking. You must also do so if your course schedule changes (for example, if you add a class). After you’ve requested accommodation, staff at the EAC will review your request, contact your instructors, and discuss with you and your instructor how the accommodation will be implemented. For more information, see the Returning Student page on the EAC web site.