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Resources for Students

3D-printed natural history artifacts: a miniature sunfish, various mammal skulls, a bowl, and a spearhead

Some faculty have worked with the MakerLab in Albertsons Library to 3D print learning materials for students. Both sighted and blind students benefit from such practices. Image by Lenore Edman, and used under a Creative Commons license.

Campus Resources

Educational Access Center (formerly Disability Resource Center)

  • The Educational Access Center ensures that students with disabilities have equitable access to their education. The Center works with students who have self identified as having a disability to identify and remove educational and programmatic barriers. Barriers and solutions are determined on a case-by-case basis through interactive discussions with the student. Documentation of a disability might be required to clarify the students’ needs. The Center also supports faculty in identifying barriers and implementing accommodations to create an accessible learning environment.

Office of the Dean of Students

  • The Office of the Dean of Students provides a variety of services designed to support student success and engagement at Boise State University. They play a significant role in supporting and empowering students and their families during difficult times. Contact them for friendly assistance and referrals to other vital campus resources.

University Health Services

  • Health Services supports the educational mission of Boise State University by providing convenient, accessible and high quality health care to the campus community. They strive to provide a wide range of comprehensive and integrated services to students, faculty and staff on campus.

Advising and Academic Enhancement

  • The Advising and Academic Enhancement team works to ensure high quality academic advising for all students. Our office coordinates academic support to students through tutoring services, skill building workshops, and academic success courses.

Career Center

  • The Career Center focuses in posting different employment opportunity for students (internships, work-study positions, permanent positions). Furthermore, they can assist with career planning, resume building, interview training and other helpful skills to use in the job market.

Gender Equity Center

  • The Boise State Gender Equity Center empowers students to achieve their academic goals by providing educational outreach, support services and a safe place. They promote active citizenship and focus primarily on gender-related issues, encouraging dialogue about the social construction of gender and how gender intersects with race, ethnicity, class, sex, sexual orientation, ability, age and nationality.

Multicultural Student Services

  • Multicultural Student Services works to raise awareness, conduct training, develop workshops and create programing that will address issues for both dominant and non-dominant groups. As a Predominantly White Institution, Boise State University is an institution where dominant culture students can explore their role in diversity issues, while non-dominant culture students can find their voice in validation. Multicultural Student Services is a resource for all students of Boise State University.

Children’s Center

  • The Children’s Center was established in November 1979 to provide a quality child care program for the children of full and part-time Boise State students, faculty and staff. To further advance campus and community relations, alumni and community parents may enroll their children if space is available. The professional staff provides a model educational program for all the families it serves.

Community Resources